“Working with Maricha has not only been a wonderful experience, but an incredibly meaningful one too. She worked with me to create some of the most special pieces of jewelry in my life.

I first worked with her to create my custom wedding band. She provided me with numerous sketches based on what I had asked for, and was incredibly flexible with my asks/changes. It is perfect and so very beautiful.

Next she created a one of a kind necklace for my sister’s graduation from nursing school. This was a very important event in my family and sister’s life, and she absolutely loved it and treasures it.

Finally she created a charm for a necklace with my baby daughter’s initials as my first Christmas gift to my little girl. Through it all, Maricha has not only been professional, but she also put so much love into all of these pieces. I look forward to her making many more meaningful and beautiful pieces of jewelry for me in the future.”


Maricha Genovese