Looking for something completely unique?

Jewelry has a history of preciousness and meaning. It can both commemorate joyous occasions as well as memorialize hardships. A collection becomes personal, some pieces acquired by and for yourself while some are treasured gifts. Imagine bringing to life a beautiful object of adornment perfectly suited to its wearer... I can help you realize it.


Shower gift for a new mom...

A gift for the mother-to-be from her sister, we designed a necklace to celebrate the connection between mother and child. Laser engraving was used to transfer the baby's actual heartbeat from her sonogram onto a handmade pendant made of sterling silver for her mother to keep close to her heart forever.


Birthday gift for a world traveler...

A special gift from one friend to another, this necklace depicts a world map pierced by hand into a plate of sterling silver. When distance becomes a factor, the pendant is a reminder that longtime friends stay close.


One of a Kind Engagement Ring...

Using the clients own heirloom stones, we aimed to create a ring that was as unique as the bride-to-be. Drawing inspiration from her love of art nouveau paintings and jewelry, we created a two-tone gold work of art she can wear every day featuring her padparadscha oval sapphire and diamonds from an old ring. 



Graduation gift for a nursing student...

With an engraving inspired by the Caduceus, the symbol used for a Registered Nurse, this hand-carved pendant was designed as gift for a new nurse to commemorate the day all her hard work paid off. Her proud sister presented the gift on graduation day. 


Commission for a Custom Medical Charm...

In need of a medical charm for allergies, the client wanted something simple she could wear at all times and which could be adaptable to fit a collection of gold necklaces she wears often. Together we came up with the shape and design for the charm, the medical symbol was carved and her allergies engraved on the back. 


How creating a custom piece works...

Upon receiving your inquiry, I will soon be in touch to discuss your inspirations, ideas and hopes! We can go over things like your ideal price range, materials, deadlines but most importantly your vision for the piece, which I will keep in mind during the design phase...

After I have an idea of what it is that you'd like made, I will come up with 3-5 designs with price estimates attached which will be sent via email for you to choose from. If some small changes need to be made, we can certainly tweak things to make the design something you love!

Once you have decided on a final design, a nonrefundable 50% deposit is due before I can begin sourcing materials and creating your custom piece. Once the final touches have been made, you will be contacted and the balance of payment will be due prior to shipping. **

It's never too soon to begin your custom item, but please allow at least 4-6 weeks to create your piece. That being said, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances... Just ask!

If you're interested in creating a custom piece or have any further questions, please fill out the form below...

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** All custom work is non-refundable