The Work


These creations are delicate but not fragile, created meticulously and worn effortlessly; They are elegant with an edge.

I create jewelry with longevity in mind; I appreciate the muted colors of the natural metal fresh off the bench as well as the natural shine and patina jewelry receives when worn day in and day out, all the signs of wear it gathers as it travels with you. I see these pieces as daily adornment transcending trends and instead reflecting timeless personal style. I design pieces while imagining them lasting and becoming heirlooms. I believe jewelry is meant to be treasured, absolutely loved & always worn.


The Process

The jewelry is created at a traditional jewelers bench using a combination of time-honored metalsmithing and goldsmithing techniques such as wax carving and casting, metal manipulation and fabrication using an array of hand tools, torch soldering, sanding and polishing. Each piece is of original design and made scrupulously by hand. All Maricha’s jewelry is either completely one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition or small scale production group.


The Artist

Maricha Genovese is the owner, designer and maker.

Starting from very early childhood, Maricha has explored many artistic mediums and materials, always finding joy in visual expression. Making things with her hands has been an important constant throughout her life. Ultimately realizing she could combine her love of creating objects and her longtime fascination with miniatures is what led Maricha to pursue a career in jewelry-making. Since graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia she has gained skill and honed her technique by apprenticing and working for her mentors in the field and now has close to 15 years experience making jewelry. 

Maricha lives and works in Philadelphia where she enjoys inspirational walks through the Wissahickon and creating work in her studio in South Philadelphia.